How Much should I Spend on my Hobbies?

Most of us have some sort of hobby. These can vary a lot from simply taking walks or seeing family, to foreign holidays and arts and crafts. There is a big range of things and they cost different amounts of money. Some people will spend a great deal of money and others will spend hardly anything. However, regardless of how much it costs you, you should still be thinking about how much you can afford to spend on them. There is a methodical way that you can work this out.

Find out How Much Money you Have in Each Month

If you already have a note of your household finances then you can skip this step and the next step. However, if not you will need to do it. It is pretty easy to do though as you should be able to just look at your bank statements to find out if you do not know already. If the amount varies, then try to come up with an average amount or you may feel happier just noting down the minimum.

Find out How Much you Have to Spend Each Month

The next stage is to make a note of everything that you have to buy each month. This is things such as loan repayments, rent or mortgage, utilities, contracts, direct debits, standing orders, food, travel etc. These are items that either you cannot live or work without or you are contractually obliged to pay for. Add up all of these and then you will know whether you have anything left.

Consider How you Want to Spend the Rest

If there is money left, you will be able to then think about whether you want to spend all of this on your hobby or some on other things. It might be that you want to do other things and not just your hobby, such as going out for a meal, buying some new clothes, buying a few gifts and things like this. You may want to save some money for some other things as well so think about all of this and then you will be able to see how much is left to spend on your hobby. It is a good idea to then think about whether you will want to spend that much money each month or wait and save a larger amount every few months.

It is important to make sure that you do not spend more than you can afford. Although it is really important for us to have hobbies and to have relax time, we need to make sure that we do not get carried away with spending too much money on them. If we do this, then we could find that we get into financial difficulties. These could lead to us being stressed and can undo the good that the relaxing hobby is actually providing us with. Therefore, this is why it is important to think hard about whether you are spending too much on your hobby or not. You may need to change the things you are spending money on, if you want to spend more on your hobby. It can be great to make sure that any money that you spend outside of what it is necessary to buy is carefully chosen. So, you make sure that the items you buy will bring you as much pleasure as possible.  This will not only mean that you will enjoy yourself more in your spare time, but will also mean that you will get as much pleasure as possible out of the money that you have.

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